Founded in 1940, the Quebec Hardware and Building Supply Association (AQMAT) promotes and defends the interests of its members: 725 retailers and 270 of their main suppliers.

Besides acting as the advocacy for the home improvement sector as a whole, AQMAT is a major editor as well as the promoter of the principal business events in the building material and hardware sectors.

For over 60 years, we publish a printed magazine. The only French business periodical devoted to the hardware and construction materials industry of Quebec is distributed to every member and subscriber: 3,000 copies, approx. ; reading of 9,000 owners and managers.

We also edit, twice a year, the New and Improved Products Catalog, a bilingual pancanadian edition where hardware store and home improvement centers, as well as banner’s buyers all over Canada (3,500 businesses) read about new and improved products and services suggested by suppliers. A chart shows the sales networks where they are available.

Our third publication is our daily Newsletter which, basically, at noon time, is telling what is going on in the industry to over 2,000 subscribers from our business community.

On the other hand, AQMAT is organizing all the main rendezvous for the Quebec business community, which includes an annual Gala, an annual convention, a series of know-how and management training sessions, and two social networking activities.

Finally, we are providing our members with various tools, mainly related to what is known as business intelligence. For instance, we invite the retailers to benchmark their financial performances and administrative policies. We also supply them with manuals and advises on health and security issues, loss prevention matters, etc.

Interested to become a member or to be more active as a current member, please contact Bouchra elBadri belbadri@aqmat.org or 450 646-5842, ext. 226.

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For press inquiries, contact Pierre Perreault at pperreault@aqmat.org or 450 646-5842