Manufacturers participating in the « Well Made Here » program get busy at trade shows, in their communications and on the shelves at stores

On October 30th there were none. Today, the count is 70 and soon there will be 100. We’re referring to the number of manufacturers duly signed-up for the « Well Made Here » program, borne as a result of a desire from the banners to better-inform citizens and bring forward hardware and building materials manufactured at plants in Canada.  

The photo array that accompanies this article offers only a hint of the forces of the energy that’s currently driving marketing teams to be ready on April 17th.

In fact, activity from manufacturers is just as easily noticeable. They’re not remaining in the shadows, as attest the displays being set up at booths for business trade shows presented by banners.

Some are refitting their transport fleet and plant exteriors so as to display huge « Participant of Well Made Here » logos along with the website address. « People are getting creative and we love it!”, exclaims Audrey Dagenais, Director – Development and Manufacturer Services.


This arm, belongs to Benoit Mercier, President of Polarmade, flexing a little (LOL), but mainly the « Well Made Here » logo embroidered on his polo shirt! Should we expect one of the participating manufacturers to submit a photo of a tattoo?


As of Wednesday, description sheets and images for 200 product lines manufactured by participants will be posted to the site, which is currently under development. The amount to over 1000 SKUs or individual products. The movement is gaining momentum.

All of the manufacturers and retailers are invited to share this 30-second video starting now.

Legend of the principal photo: 1. Pierre Filiatrault from Cobra Anchors  2. Benoit Mercier from PolarMade  3. Ian and his colleague from Duststop Air Filters  4. Rob Noble from Garant  5. Danny Brousseau from J. A. Roby  6. Team from Saman  7. Mario Cloutier, Yves Lauzon and Sylvain Gagnon from Roland Boulanger  8.Heather Mac Avelia and Daniel Groulx from A. Richard  9. Guy and Paul from Kaycan  10. Maria Piperni from Mega Sales and Marketing, representative for Super Décapant  11. Sales Team from Alexandria Moulding  12. Sales Team from IKO  13.Team from Sakrete: Bill, Elise and Alex  14. Mario Boivin from Dimplex  15. Robert L. Suter from Rolgear MFG

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